PC Gaming Mice


This style is referred to as the Palm grip due to the entire surface area of the palm and fingers being supported by the mouse. As the whole hand is supported, this grip provides reduced fatigue over long gaming sessions. Whilst this style provides plenty of precise movement control, reaction speeds may be fractionally lower than the twitchier fingertip and claw grips.


The claw grip reduces the points of contact on that mouse. It acts as a mid-point between the Palm and Fingertip grips. The gamers’ fingers are arched over the mouse, and the lower part of the palm supported by the palm rest. As a result, reaction times are increased due to buttons being actuated by only the fingertips, and with less of the weight of your hand resting on the mouse, movement speed increases.


The fingertip grip is the ultimate grip for high-speed twitchy response. This style relies solely on the fingertips of the hand as the only points of contact on the product. Without the weight of your palm on the product, you reduce all unnecessary mass that weighs the mouse down. Whilst providing the fastest response in game, it will also require the most practise to get the most out of the grip.

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